Co-Pro Targets Part 6: Chinese Companies in L.A.

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Co-Pro Targets Part 6: Chinese Companies in L.A.

If you’re looking to make a connection with Chinese companies in L.A. – here’s a short list of Chinese film and TV companies you should target.

This is number six in our Co-Pro Targets series.  Today’s post is about Chinese companies in L.A.  You can check out the other blogs here:

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Here is a list of some of the top Chinese co-pro targets that have offices in Los Angeles. One obvious advantage of contacting them here is there is no language barrier. They are staffed with both Chinese and American staff.

Alibaba Pictures


Chinese Name                     阿里巴巴电影集团 Ālǐ bābā diànyǐng jítuán

Business Activities:              Production, Distribution, and Marketing

Representative Film:           Shock Wave 21917, A Dogs Journey



Telephone:                            (626) 365-5227 (Pasadena)

Key Point: Per the Variety article Alibaba Pictures to Focus on Original Content Production, Unveils Surprise Works Unit. Thus, you’ll see Alibaba is going from being a participator of content to putting out its own content. 

Bona Film Group: Chinese companies in L.A.


Chinese name:                     博纳影业集团 Bó nà yǐng yè jítuán

Business Activities:              Production, Distribution, Talent Agency

Representative Film:           Ad Astra, Enter The Fat Dragon


Cinando or IMDB:      

Telephone:                            +86-10-5631-0700 (China) 

L.A. office:                             Los Angeles

Key Point: Notably, Bona managed to keep reserves of capital outside China, which allowed it to keep investing.  To clarify, see the Variety article:   China’s Bona Film Group Strengthens Hollywood Connection

China Film Group


Chinese name:                     中国电影集团公司  Zhōngguó diànyǐng jítuán gōngsī

Business Activities:              Production, Distribution, Exhibition

Representative Film:           The 355, The Sacrifice


Cinando or IMDB:      

Telephone:                            +86-(0) 10-6225-4488 (China)

L.A. Office:                            Burbank

Key Point:   The article New Hollywood from the Empire of the Middle points out who China’s biggest player is. Uniquely, the article stated that “China Film Group is the largest and also the most influential state film producer in the People’s Republic of China.”

China Lion: Chinese companies in L.A.


Chinese Name                     华狮电影 Huá shī diànyǐng

Business Activities:             Production, Distribution

Representative Film:           Aftershock, Breakup Buddies


Cinando or IMDB:      

Telephone:                           +1 323-396-9168

City:                                        Los Angeles

Key Point:  According to an L.A. Times article   Reel China: Targets an elusive film fan — the Chinese American the company curbs “the chance of losing potential (theater) patrons to pirated DVDs. Furthermore, they aim to release its annual slate of as many as 15 movies in North America the same day they premiere in China.”

China Movie Media Group: Chinese companies in L.A.


Chinese name:                   影时尚影业集团Yǐng shíshàng yǐng yè jítuán

Business Activities:              Pre-show advertising, investment & product placement

Representative Film:           Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows


Cinando or IMDB:      

Telephone:                            +86 10 6202 0853 (China)

L.A. Office:                            Beverly Hills

Key Point:  CMMG not only produces films but also handles investment, promotion as well as Chinese domestic distribution and marketing


Huace Pictures

Chinese Name                     华策集团  Huá cè jítuán      

Business Activities:              Production                                                                

Representative Film:           Kung Fu YogaLong Day’s Journey Into Night              


Cinando or IMDB:      

Telephone:                            626.808.6864                                                                                   

L.A. Office:                            Los Angeles

Key Point: Americans are waking up to how Korean films are a big deal. Parasite won Best Picture (among other awards) last year.  Likewise, Huace already has a JV with South Korea’s Next Entertainment World (NEW). You can read about it here:  China’s Huace, South Korea’s NEW Launch Production Joint Venture


iQiyi Motion Pictures: Chinese companies in L.A.

Chinese Name:                                爱奇艺世 Ài qí yì                   

Business Activities:                          Production, Distribution, Internet               

Representative Film/TV:                 Burning Ice (TV series),  Old Boy (TV series)                 


Cinando or IMDB                                                     

Telephone:                                        +86 021 6137 5271 (China)

Key Point: iQiyi formed a unique alliance with Elemeet – a crowdfunding platform to arrange art movie screenings.  iQiyi plans to co-launch a new distribution model with online-offline promotion and distribution support. With this in mind, you can read about it here: iQIYI Releases ‘Tough Out’ Under a New Distribution Model with Elemeet



Chinese Name                                 亚太未来影视有限Yàtài wèilái yǐngshì yǒuxiàn

Business Activities:                         Production, Distribution      

Representative Film:                       SkyfireA Prayer Before Dawn                 



Telephone:                                        86 10 65125816  (China)

L.A. Office                                         San Marino   

Key Point: Can access great scripts. They partnered with the script hosting platform – The Black List. You can read about it in the Variety article here: The Black List Moves Into Movie Production With Meridian Entertainment

Starlight Culture Entertainment:

Chinese Name                                 星光文化娛樂  Xīngguāng wénhuà yúlè  


Business Activities:                          Production, Distribution, Investor                                      

Representative Film:                       MarshallCrazy Rich Asians                                  


Cinando or IMDB:                                                                 

Telephone:                                        424-288-4630                                              

L.A. Office:                                        Beverly Hills

Key Point:     Starlight is big on diversity as reported in The Hollywood Reporter article: Starlight Media and Lion Forge Animation Heads Break Down Their Global-Content-Minded Partnership Moreover, they are big on “Globalized Collaboration”. 


Wavelets Entertainment:


Business Activities:                         Production                            

Representative Film:                       Crate (Pre-production)                   


Cinando or IMDB:                  

Telephone:                                        310.940.9590                                              

L.A. Office:                                        Pasadena

Key Point: Wavelets is backed by China’s Youku Tudou (part of Alibaba Group) and Media Asia Group. Additionally, they are keen to source American writers and scripts that are relevant to Chinese audiences.

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