Scott Einbinder is a producer, executive, investor and China consultant. He discusses the challenges of fundraising in China but has encouraging words about western educated Chinese executives.

American actor Davy Williams talks about the differences between acting in Hollywood and China. He also gives advice on getting steady work and the challenges of Chinese distribution.

Game Writer Jordan Defazio talks about the opportunity for western game writers in China. He also discusses the freedom game writing offers over screenwriting.

Action star Chris Collins is an action actor / action director made in Hong Kong. He talks about being discovered and the differences between Hollywood and Chinese film financing. 

Producer and Distribution Exec David L. Suarez talks about the challenge of finding good scripts and how to break into the China market.  THREE KEY POINTS: 1. TAP A DISTRIBUTOR'S NETWORK David mentioned due to his company’s track record in China, it’s easier for them to connect with...