June 2017

BEATING THE CHINESE CENSORS - 4 STEPS This Saturday is the 20th anniversary of the British handover of Hong Kong to China. I was there. There was a bit of rain and a lot of hoopla. 500 Mainland troops (the PLA) marched across the border before midnight. Actually, they came across at 9PM - three hours earlier than (the public) expected.


Considering how much Chinese money poured into Hollywood lately - successful Chinese co-productions are paradoxically a rare thing. How do you crack the code of what will sell in China? And can those films also be a hit in the West? Is there a secret formula?

There was no blog or podcast on how to create content for both Hollywood and China when I started out. Even today – making a successful co-production is still a mystery. Articles are written daily on China’s global film ambitions and Hollywood’s need for the...