Why write a blog about creating content for both Hollywood and Asia? We’ve all read stories (almost daily) about Asian money investing in Hollywood productions. Despite the huge demand – content that appeals to both markets is still a challenge to pull off.

I couldn’t find the information I needed on how to fill this need. So  I created The Asia-Hollywood Green Light blog / podcast.

Revised DVD cover copy 2

My short film “The Kung Fu Rock Chick”

Who am I to start this blog / podcast? I earned a Chinese diploma at the University of Hong Kong. I also worked in the Hong Kong film business – marketing American films to Asian audiences. I also shot a short film completely in Asia. You can check out the trailer here “” and credits on IMDB.


I knew my mission was to not only make martial arts movies that appealed to both Hollywood and Asia but to break the mold of typical action movies. How? My target audience is a world-wide audience that typical action films overlook – women.

Like you – I am looking for answers on how to get my projects green-lit.

What do I hope to gain by this new adventure? Insight, advice and tips from various experts that I will interview. Additionally, I hope my blog and podcast will create an East-meets-West community that can share ideas and collaborate and various projects.


I also hope my female protagonists who are women fighting the system – will inspire women that they too can take on any obstacle and win.

Lastly – as I am developing my films and TV series – by joining me on this journey – you will have a ring-side seat of my adventure from development to production to premiere.

Let the adventure begin…