Co-Pro Targets Part 3: The U.S. Independents

Co-Pro Targets Part 3: The U.S. Independents

In part three of our series, we review several American Independents that should be on your co-production targets list.

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So which US independents should you target? Here’s my shortlist.

INDependents: Allegory

Why? Firstly, Director Sam Raimi (director of Spider-Man etc.) launched a JV with Beijing Cultural Investments. Consequently, this target will focus on Raimi’s directing projects.

Activities: Specifically, production.

Representative Film: New company but Raimi directed Spider-Man, The Evil Dead, etc.

Website: (no website yet for Allegory but Ghost House is also Raimi’s company).

Cinando or IMDB:

Contact:  310 785 3900 (Raimi’s other company – Ghost House Pictures).


INDependent: Alpha Pictures

Why? Chiefly, they are part of the Chinese company. Alpha Group specializes in animation.  They created an L.A.-based live-action feature film company focusing on U.S. – China co-productions. Furthermore, they have a partnership with New Regency Productions. See their story: China’s Alpha Group Launches L.A.-based Feature Animation

Activities: Specifically, animation, toys, and feature films.

Representative Film: The Mermaid.


Cinando or IMDB:

Contact: 86 02 038783278 3014

US address: 1607 S. Campus Ave. Ontario, CA 91761.

广东奥飞动漫文化股份有限公司, Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Company).


INDependents: Amblin Partners

Conversely, Ambling is backed by Alibaba.

Why? Chiefly, Chinese internet company Alibaba has taken a stake in Amblin Entertainment. Subsequently, they will team on Global Pics

Additionally,  investment partners include: Participant Media, Reliance Entertainment, Entertainment One (eOne), Alibaba Pictures, and Universal Pictures.

Activities: Specifically, production and distribution.

Representative Film: A Dogs Purpose.


Cinando or IMDB:

Contact:  818 733 9438.

independents: Anthem & Song

Why? Chiefly, this studio is based in Los Angeles and Beijing.  Therefore,  they focus on Chinese language pictures. Anthony and Joe Russo are the powerhouses that consulted on Wolf Warrior II’. To illustrate, this blockbuster made $780M USD.

Russo Brothers Launch Studio to Produce Chinese-Language Films

Activities: Specifically, production.

Representative Film: Avengers: Infinity War.


Cinando or IMDB:

Contact: 4242688237 (for their other company AGBO) – no info on A&S.

independents: Easternlight Films / Chinalight

Chiefly, Easternlight’s dedication to Asian films and expanding into co-productions.

Why? As a result, Chinalight is looking for China-Australian co-productions. 

Activities: Specifically, production / sales.

Representative Film: Triple Threat.


Cinando or IMDB:

Contact: 1 310 777 8855.


independents: Avva Pic

Why? Primarily, the partners have a film fund called Kirin.   Kirin Media and Shanghai Longzhilin Culture Investment Partnership are developing several US-China co-productions.

Kirin Media, Longzhilin Fund Set Diverse U.S.-China Film Slate

Activities: Specifically, production.

Representative Film: Small Town Crime.

Cinando or IMDB:    Contact: 650 847 9090 (Burlingame, CA).


independents: Mili Pictures

Why? Firstly, Bill Borden who has worked on various China projects. These include: Mermaid and Disney High School Musical: China. Subsequently, Mili Pictures is a worldwide family entertainment brand, based in China.

Activities: Specifically, production.

Representative Film:  Dragon Nest: Warriors’ Dawn.


Cinando or IMDB:

Contact: Mili Pictures China:  86 21 50825016.  Bill’s LA office at First Street Films 310-383-9160.


independents: Cinema Libre Studio

Why? Chiefly, this Los Angeles-based mini-studio has a key relationship. They entered into a co-production partnership with Chinese entertainment company Datang Brilliant Media.

Therefore, they will co-produce film and TV projects in Europe and the U.S.

Activities: Specifically, production, distribution, and sales.

Representative Film: Master.


Cinando or IMDB:

Contact:  818 588 3033.

independentsCristal pic

Why? Critically, Cristal was founded and bankrolled by China’s East Light Media. Their focus is mid-to-high budgeted, English-language motion pictures. Primarily, these are for domestic and global theatrical distribution with specific appeal to the Chinese marketplace.

Activities: Specifically, production, distribution.

Representative Film: Hitman’s Bodyguard.

Website: None listed.

Cinando or IMDB:

Contact:  323 471 3330.


independents: DMG

Why?  Critically, the owners opened in China. Moreover, DMG has over 20 years of experience in East-West relations.

Activities: Specifically, production, Distribution, talent management.

Representative Film: Blockers.


Cinando or IMDB:

Contact:   310 275 3750.

independents: HBO

Why? Primarily, HBO (Asia) has an agreement with China Movie Channel to co-produce Chinese language martial arts films for TV.

Activities: Specifically, distribution.

Representative Film: MI-5.

Website:   and

Cinando or IMDB:

Contact:   (New York)  1 212 512 1000.


independents: Insiders (Madriver)

Why? Chiefly, Chinese production/distribution house – Bliss Media acquired a stake in Insiders.

Activities: Specifically, sales.

Representative Film: Jackie.

Website: None listed.

Cinando or IMDB:

Contact:  1 424 777 0240.


independents: Lucida Ent/ Lion Rock Productions

Why? Critically, both are run by Chinese producer Terence Chang.

Activities: Specifically, producer (and talent management for Lucida Entertainment).

Representative Film: The Adventurers.

Website: None listed.

Cinando or IMDB:

Contact:   323 293 8833 (Lion Rock).


independents: Meridian Entertainment

Why? Firstly, Franklin Leonard’s The Black List and Meridian Entertainment formed a partnership. They will produce and finance three-five English language films each year.

Additionally, Meridian can fully finance movies with budgets of $15 million and under. The partnership can also bring in co-financing partners.

Activities: Specifically, production / distribution.

Representative Film: Casting Jon Benet.


Cinando or IMDB:

Contact:  86 10 65125816.


independents:  Endurance Media / Mandalay Pictures

Why? Firstly, Shanghai-based investment firm Puji Capital has launched Puji Films. They focus on investments in the Chinese and Hollywood film industry. Correspondingly, they are backing Peter Guber’s Mandalay Endurance Media Ventures.

Activities: Specifically, sales (Mandalay) production, Ffnancing (Endurance).  Note – no IMDB page for “Mandalay Endurance”.

Representative Film: Just Getting Started.


Cinando or IMDB: (Mandalay). (Endurance Media).

Contact:  323 549 4300 (Mandalay) 310 392 3900 (Endurance).


independents: SK Global

Specifically, SK Global is a merged company between Sidney Kimmel Entertainment and Ivanhoe Pictures.  Likewise, Sidney Kimmel (pre-merger) received an equity investment fund from China. 

Accordingly, they have offices in the US, Hong Kong, Beijing and Seoul.

Why?  JV between Sidney Kimmel and Ivanhoe. Hong Kong base. Asian star connections.

Activities: Specifically, development, finance, production.

Representative Film: Crazy Rich Asians.

Cinando or IMDB:

Contact: (310) 777-8818.


independents: Studio 8

Why? Firstly, they are backed by China’s Fosun International. Sony Pictures was also a minority investor.

Activities: Specifically, production, distribution.

Representative Film: Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. 


Cinando or IMDB:

Contact:  310 244 4000.


independents: STX Entertainment

Why? In short, STX has partnerships in China.. Additionally, some Chinese owners include Hony Capital, Tencent, and PCCW.

Additionally, they filed for an IPO in Hong Kong.  Its goal is to bridge the world’s two biggest film markets – China and the US.

Activities: Specifically, development, production, finance, distribution, marketing.

Representative Film: Second Act.


Cinando or IMDB:

Contact:  +1 818 524 7000.

independents: Symbolic Exchange 

Why? In particular, they are led by James Schamus. He was the EP on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Furthermore, they have a first-look deal with China’s Meridian Entertainment.

Additionally, Meridian will assist. They will help develop and finance Symbolic’s English-language films. Moreover, they will co-develop Chinese projects.

Activities: Specifically, production

Representative Film: Benji.

Website: (none listed).

Cinando or IMDB:

Contact:  646 786 1892 (New York).

independents: The H Collective

Why? Chiefly, they have Chinese (and American) backers. Additionally, they have an agreement for Sony for distribution. Furthermore, they have a deal with China’s online video platform giant – iQiyi. 

Activities: Specifically, production, finance, marketing and distribution.

Representative Film: Is makingxXx 4, They distributed Wolf Warrior 2 (in partnership with Well Go USA) in the US.


Cinando or IMDB:

Contact:  310-315-6940.

independents: JiaFlix Enterprises

Why? Chiefly, they have a partnership with China’s state-owned China Movie Channel and 1905. Additionally, they offer expertise on local regulation. Furthermore, they provide production assistance and distribution.

Likewise, the company helps produce and market films by securing locations and casting local talent.

Activities: Specifically, production, VOD platform.

Representative Film: Transformers: Age of Extinction.


Cinando or IMDB:

Contact:  1 312 785 9900 (Chicago).

independents: Well Go USA

Why? Indeed, Well Go is a leader in Asian film distribution. Furthermore, they have offices in the US, Taiwan, and China.

Activities: Specifically, distribution, Interactive, and New Media.

Representative Film: Kung Fu Yoga.


Cinando or IMDB:

Contact:   972 265 4317 (Texas).


Who would you put on your shortlist? Leave a comment below.

Next up  – are the Chinese independent film companies.

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