Find out how to crowdfund your film in China. Know the major players. Additionally, understand the differences between U.S and Chinese crowdfunding.. Recognize the pros and cons.

Top ten advice tips from 2021 podcast guests. They offer insights on finding story ideas, writing for the China market, attracting producers and much more.

Documentary filmmaker Luo Tong discusses why the film industry needs more women on film sets, what to do when your investor and director don’t see eye to eye and how to benefit from job rejections.

Producer and tech whiz Keith Collea advises on how to find story ideas.  He shares the right way to pitch and how to attract film producers.

Scott Einbinder is a producer, executive, investor and China consultant. He discusses the challenges of fundraising in China but has encouraging words about western educated Chinese executives.

American actor Davy Williams talks about the differences between acting in Hollywood and China. He also gives advice on getting steady work and the challenges of Chinese distribution.

China-based screenwriter Marc Handler discusses how he writes for a Chinese audience, He suggests working with a Chinese writing partner. He discusses China-bashing and China’s talent management problem. Writing for a Chinese audience, Marc Handler reveals how he gets jobs in China, Marc is also a...

Game Writer Jordan Defazio talks about the opportunity for western game writers in China. He also discusses the freedom game writing offers over screenwriting.