Nikk Mitchell discusses the pros and cons of being a Westerner running his own VR company in China. He talks about why VR will go mainstream in China before it does in the west.

Kevin Geiger has worked for Disney in Burbank and Beijing. He discusses China’s changing media environment, the increasing difficulty of co-productions, and getting money out of China.  He now believes South East Asia is where the action is and works from Taipei as an independent producer, professor, and consultant.

Find out how to crowdfund your film in China. Know the major players. Additionally, understand the differences between U.S and Chinese crowdfunding.. Recognize the pros and cons.

Top ten advice tips from 2021 podcast guests. They offer insights on finding story ideas, writing for the China market, attracting producers and much more.

Documentary filmmaker Luo Tong discusses why the film industry needs more women in film, what to do when your investor and director don’t see eye to eye, and how to benefit from job rejections.