Action star Chris Collins is an action actor / action director made in Hong Kong. He talks about being discovered and the differences between Hollywood and Chinese film financing. 

Producer and Distribution Exec David L. Suarez talks about the challenge of finding good scripts and how to find screenwriting success in China..  THREE KEY POINTS: 1. SCREENWRITING 101: TAP A DISTRIBUTOR'S NETWORK Due to his company’s track record in China, David says it’s easier for them to...

Filmmaker Chris D. Nebe balances propaganda and journalism in his controversial documentaries. He shares tips on making IP that will crossover to China.

China screenwriter/development exec Chen Xu 徐晨 talks about the differences between Hollywood and China’s script development process. He shares what you should be writing for the China market. This is Caryn McCann, the host of the China Hollywood Greenlight podcast – a podcast about creating &...

L.A.-based Chinese Film Executive - Ms. Sammie Hao 郝思文 discusses repairing relations between Hollywood and China, the fallout of bad Chinese money in Hollywood, and what will be in demand next year. 

Justin K. Muller understands Chinese studios. He is the Managing Director of Studio Operations for a Chinese studio. He explains how infrastructure and not art will revolutionize the Chinese studios's film and TV landscape.