How to find Chinese-Americans who are bicultural to make your co-production a success.

In my last post,  “3 Ways for Hollywood and China to Combine Their Strengths” I came across some interesting advice by Dominic Ng, Chairman, and CEO of East West Bank.

He was quoted in the THR articleHollywood and China: A Fad or Future of the Film Industry”  as saying: “There are a lot of Chinese Americans aspiring to be in this industry…Hopefully smart execs on both ends will look into Chinese Americans, who are totally bicultural and understand what needs to be done to make co-productions effective and profitable…”

Where do you find these Chinese-Americans who can bridge the gap between the East and West?

Below I list a few local (Los Angeles) universities as well as key Chinese organizations you can contact.

Happy Hunting!

Loyola Marymount University

Photo by College of Business LMU

Ranked # 8 in the 2016 article THR Ranks the Top 25 American Film Schools.

Han Tao Their Chinese-American club called “Han Tao” or “The Chinese Way” is a great place to start.

Twitter   Website   Email: lmu.hantao@gmail.com

Chapman University

Photo by Chapman University

Ranked #7 in the same THR article.

“The Chinese Culture Club at Chapman University aims to promote and spread awareness of Chinese culture both on and off-campus.”



Photo by B r e n t CC BY 2.0

Ranked #4 in that same THR article.

Association of Chinese Americans    This association “…is a student group involved in cultural, social, community and political projects, which benefit its members, its campus, and its community.”

Facebook   Telephone  (310) 367-3966  Email: acabruins@gmail.com

Chinese Students Association    Their goal is “To act as a bridge between the East and West cultures. We also provide a close social network for our staff and members.”

Facebook   Website    Email:  aca@ucla.edu

Here is a complete list of UCLA’s Chinese student organizations.


Ranked #1 in the above THR article

Photo by David Merrett CC BY NC ND 2.0

USC Chinese Student Association

This association “…encourages cultural interactions between different ethnic groups in the community.”

Facebook    Email: casa@usc.edu

USC Annenberg Chinese Students and Alumni Association (ACSAA)  They are committed to “creating a strong and dynamic professional network to help its members accomplish their career goals in the future.”

Facebook     Website   Email: uscacsaa@gmail.com

The USC U.S.-China Institute They inform “…public discussion of the evolving and multidimensional U.S.-China relationship through policy-relevant research, graduate and undergraduate training, and professional development programs for teachers, journalists, and officials. It produces compelling public events, widely viewed documentary films, and the popular magazines US-China Today and Asia Pacific Arts.”

Facebook   Website   Telephone 213-821-4382    Email: uschina@usc.edu

And here is a list of some Chinese societies in Los Angeles.

The China Hollywood Society

courtesy of China Hollywood Society

This society is “…a network of entertainment professionals who strive to increase the accessibility of information on China’s entertainment industry, China co-production and to nurture opportunities for cross-cultural creative and business endeavors.”

Facebook   Website   Email: contact@chinahollywood.org   Upcoming Events

Center for Asian American Media  

This center is “…a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting stories that convey the richness and diversity of Asian American experiences to the broadest audience possible. We do this by funding, producing, distributing, and exhibiting works in film, television, and digital media.”

Additionally, they offer assistance with Funding, Distribution, and a Fellowship Program.

Facebook   Twitter   Website

Chinese Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles

Photo by Wally Skalij

Their purpose “…is to promote the growing cadre of Chinese America businesses across Southern California, in addition to serving the interests of the region’s broader business community.”

Facebook   Twitter   Website   Telephone (213) 617-0396  

Email: info@lachinesechamber.org

Asian Business Society

“The Asian Business Association represents Asian American business owners, and creates business opportunities for its members and their diverse communities.”

Facebook   Twitter   Website  Telephone: (213) 628-1222  Email: info@abala.org

Plus, they also have a fantastic resources page.

Asian Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

Asian American Architects/Engineers Association

Asian Americans Advancing Justice-LA

Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies

Asian Professional Exchange

Asian Youth Center

Center for Asian American United for Self Empowerment

Chinese American Construction Professionals

Committee of 100

East West Players

Global Organization for Leadership and Diversity

Japanese American Citizens League

Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics

National Asian/Pacific Islander American Chamber of Commerce & Entrepreneurship

Organization of Chinese Americans

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